Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) December 2018 Solved Questions with Explanations (1-10)

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) December 2018 Solved Questions with Explanations (1-10)

1.      Dublin Core Metadata consists of __.
A.    12 elements
B.     13 elements
C.     14 elements
D.    15 elements

Answer: D (15 elements)

Notes: Dublin Core Metadata Element Set (DCMES) is a standard metadata schema for describing electronic records, documents and web resources. Original simple Dublin Core comprised 15 elements: (i)Title (ii)Creator (iii) Subject (iv) Description (v)Publisher (vi) Contributor (vii) Date (viii) Type (ix) Format (x) Identifier (xi)Source (xii) Language (xiii) Relation (xiv) Coverage (xv) Rights

2.      ‘Three card system’ was devised by __.
A.    Nina E. Browne
B.     S. R. Ranganathan
C.     G. Bhattacharya
D.    Peter Brophy

Answer: B (S. R. Ranganathan)

Notes: The Three Card System is a method introduced by S. R. Ranganathan. In this system three different cards of the size 5" X 3" are maintained for each periodical. They are called the Register Card, the Check Card, and the Classified Index Card.

3.      The book ‘Prolegomena to Library Classification’ is written by __.
A.    Melvil Dewey
B.     J. Mills
C.     S. R. Ranganathan
D.    W. C. B. Sayers

Answer: C (S. R. Ranganathan)

Notes: 'Prolegomena to Library Classification' was written by Dr. S. R. Ranganathan and first published in 1937.

4.      In DDC (19th ed), the main class ‘570’ denotes:
A.    Physics
B.     Chemistry
C.     Life Sciences
D.    Botanical Sciences

Answer: C (Life Sciences)

5.      ‘Information for All Programme (IFAP)’ was launched by __.
B.     IFLA
C.     Library of Congress
D.    ALA

Answer: A (UNESCO)

Notes: The Information for All Programme (IFAP) is a unique UNESCO inter-governmental programme launched first in 2001.

6.      The Network topology in which nodes are connected to a central hub is known as:
A.    Ring Topology
B.     Bus Topology
C.     Star Topology
D.    Mesh Topology

Answer: C (Star Topology)

Notes: Star topology is used for a Local Area Network (LAN) in which all nodes are individually connected to a central connection point, such as a hub or a switch.

7.      Library Information Science Technology Abstracts (LISTA) is available through:
A.    Elsevier
B.     EBSCO Host
C.     ProQuest
D.    Science Direct

Answer: B (EBSCO Host)

8.      The term ‘Information Literacy’ coined by Paul Zurkowski in __.
A.    1970
B.     1974
C.     1873
D.    1874

Answer: B (1974)

Notes: Paul G. Zurkowski coined the term ‘Information Literacy’ in 1974 when he was president of the Software and Information Industry Association.

9.      ‘National Librarians’ Day (India)’ is celebrated on __.
A.    12th August
B.     14th November
C.     23rd April
D.    19th September

Answer: A (12th August)

10.  ‘National Register of Translators’ is maintained by __.
C.     Central Translation Bureau
D.    National Translation Mission

Answer: D (National Translation Mission)

Notes: National Translation Mission (NTM), a Government of India initiative under Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL), Mysore, maintains the National Register of Translators (NRT), repository of names, professional skills details and contact details of translators.

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