CODEN - A Unique Identification System for Serial Publications

CODEN, first created by Charles Bishop in 1953, is a 6 character, alpha-numeric code that gives concise, unique and unambiguous identification of the titles of serial and non-serial publications from all subject areas.It is used as a citation system for serials cited in various technical publications and also works as a searching element in bibliographic catalogues. 
The CODEN system always uses capital letters and is usually found on the cover page of a serial publication. The first five characters of the CODEN representing the publication title is constructed by taking four characters from the initial letters of its title and a fifth character is taken from the first six letters (A-F) of the alphabet. The final sixth character of the CODEN is an alphanumeric check digit that is calculated from the preceding letters.

Development of CODEN

CODEN, originally created by Charles Bishop as four letter code, was later modified by L.E. Kuentzel of American Society for Testing of Material (ASTM) by adding a fifth character in 1961 and finally since 1976 it became a six character code and defined as ASTM Standard E-250.

Since 1975, International CODEN Service under CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) of American Chemical Society, USA is the authorizing agency for providing CODEN. CODEN listings until 1998 can be found in International CODEN Directory published by the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS). However, current CODEN listings can be found in CASSI (Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index), an online database developed and maintained by Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) under American Chemical Society.


1. The characters in CODEN are __.

... Answer is C)
Notes: CODEN is a 6 character alpha-numeric code.

2. ‘CODEN’ is related with ___.

... Answer is B)
Notes: CODEN is used for the unique and unambiguous identification of the titles of periodical Publications.

3. Currently CODEN listings can be get from __.

... Answer is B)
Notes: Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index (CASSI) is an online database of Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) of American Chemical Society.

4. International CODEN Agency is located in __.

... Answer is B)
Notes: Internatinal CODEN Service under CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service), United States, is the authorizing agency for CODEN.

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