Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS) Librarian Exam 2019 Solved Questions with Explanations (26-50)

Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS) Librarian Exam 2019 Solved Questions with Explanations (26-50)

26.  Who developed Bibliographic Classification (BC)?
A.    H. E. Bliss
B.     S. R. Ranganathan
C.     S. C. Bradford
D.    J. D. Brown

Answer: A (H. E. Bliss)

Notes: H. E. Bliss devised Bibliographic Classification (BC) first published in 1935.

27.  What is meant by knowledge management?
A.    All activities of information management are mixed in it
B.     All activities of management
C.     It is the same as information management
D.    All activities of information management along with some other special activities are also mixed up in it

Answer: D

28.  What is the full form of PERT?
A.    Programme Export Review Terms
B.     Programme Evaluation Review Technique
C.     Planning Evaluation Right Technique
D.    Personnel Employee Research Technique

Answer: B (Programme Evaluation Review Technique)

29.  Which of the following is NOT a collection in special libraries?
A.    Published information available in books, periodicals, reports, etc
B.     A browsing collection of light reading material like travelogues,
C.     External information i.e., information collected from sources available from outside organization
D.    A browsing collection of light reading material like travelogues, humour books, art books, biographies, fiction etc

Answer: D

30.  In which topology, each computer is connected to every other computer?
A.    Ring
B.     Bus
C.     Star
D.    Mesh

Answer: D (Mesh)

Notes: In the mesh topology each computer is connected to each of the other computers in the network. This topology is the most robust and reliable. It ensures the data privacy and security, because every message travels along a dedicated link.

31.  The concept of ‘Librametry’ was first developed by__.
A.    Melvil Dewey
B.     S. Lubetzky
C.     C. A. Cutter
D.    S. R. Ranganathan

Answer: D (S. R. Ranganathan)

Notes: Librametry is the measurement of various Library activities and services using mathematical and statistical techniques. It was coined by Dr. Ranganathan in 1948.

32.  According to AACR-II, the statement of responsibility should be preceded by a __.
A.    Comma
B.     Diagonal slash
C.     Colon
D.    Semi-colon

Answer: B (Diagonal slash)

33.  Which of the following fields in MARC-21 contains the DDC number?
A.    082
B.     084
C.     050
D.    080

Answer: A (082)

34.  Which of the following is a multilingual agriculture thesaurus?

Answer: B (AGROVOC)

Notes: AGROVOC is a multilingual controlled vocabulary covering  areas including food, nutrition, agriculture, fisheries, forestry, environment etc. It is published by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) and edited by a community of experts.

35.  In which year was the Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library (Patna) established?
A.    1876
B.     1891
C.     1867
D.    1860

Answer: B (1891)

36.  The idea of thesaurofacet was developed by __.
A.    S. R. Ranganathan
B.     Derek Austin
C.     G Bhattacharya
D.    Jean Aitchison

Answer: D (Jean Aitchison)

Notes: The idea of Thesaurofacet was developed by Jean Aitchison who wrote Thesaurofacet: A Thesaurus & Faceted Classfication for Engineering & Related Subject in 1969. This a list of engineering terms in great detail designed by Jean Aitchison for the English Electric Company.

37.  What is the full form of URL?
A.    Unified Resource Locator
B.     Uniform Resource Locator
C.     Uniform Resource Location
D.    Unified Resource Location

Answer: B (Uniform Resource Locator)

Notes: A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a unique identifier used to locate a resource on the internet. It was invented by Tim Berners Lee.

38.  A pamphlet brought out by a library with instructions to the library users is called a __.
A.    Library Guide
B.     Reference Manual
C.     Library Science
D.    Reference Service

Answer: A (Library Guide)

39.  In library science parlance, what is the meaning of marketing?
A.    Selling library services
B.     Selling of library products
C.     Selling of library products and services
D.    Selling of books

Answer: C (Selling of library products and services)

40.  Which of the following has NOT formulated the principles for selection of books for libraries?
A.    Mc Colvin
B.     Dewey
C.     Sayers
D.    Drury

Answer: C (Sayers)

41.  Information literacy does NOT include the following activity:
A.    Sending the information
B.     Evaluating information
C.     Analyzing information
D.    Finding information

Answer: A (Sending the information)

42.  The DLRG mailing list is maintained by __.
C.     DRTC
D.    NCSI

Answer: C (DRTC)

Notes: Digital Library Research Group (DRLG) is a mailing list for helping library professional in solving software and hardware related problems. This is operated and maintained by Documentation Research and Training Centre (DRTC), Bangalore. It mainly covers topics related to digital library, library management systems and other data import and backup.

43.  Public Relations (PR) helps to establish the __ within a community.
A.    image
B.     service and position
C.     position
D.    image and position

Answer: D (image and position)

44.  CCF was developed by __.
A.    ILA
B.     ALA
C.     IFLA

Answer: D (UNESCO)

Notes: Common Communication Format (CCF), developed by UNESCO/PGI is a structure format for creating bibliographical records and for exchanging records between groups of information agency and libraries.

45.  The ‘Demand and Supply theory of Book Selection’ is the contribution of __.
A.    McColvin
B.     FKW Drury
C.     Melvil Dewey
D.    S. R. Ranganathan

Answer: A (McColvin)

46.  UNESCO initiated the NISSAT programme in India with the help of __.
A.    G. Bhattacharya
B.     A. Neelameghan
C.     Peter Lazer
D.    E. W. Hulme

Answer: C (Peter Lazer)

Notes: UNESCO appointed Dr. Peter Lazer, as a consultant who submitted a report on NISSAT in 1972. NISSAT was launched on 13th May 1977 and dissolved in 2002.

47.  Facts on File is a weekly digest on __.
A.    England events
B.     American events
C.     Indian events
D.    World events

Answer: D (World events)

Notes: Facts on File is a Weekly world news digest published by Facts on File News Service, New York since 1940.

48.  The process of converting digital signals into analog signals is known as __.
A.    Conversion
B.     Multiplexing
C.     Demodulation
D.    Modulation

Answer: D (Modulation)

Notes: Modulation – converts from digital to analog signal. Demodulation – converts from analog to digital signal. A modem (Modulator-Demodulator) is a hardware device that performs both modulation and demodulation.

49.  What type of information sources are Almanacs?
A.    Directory
B.     Ready reference
C.     Bibliographies
D.    Dictionary

Answer: B (Ready reference)

50.  In UDC, the double colon sign :: is used to indicate:
A.    Order fixing
B.     time
C.     space
D.    form

Answer: A (Order fixing)

Notes: In UDC, colon sign : indicates simple relation, whereas the double colon :: indicates a relationship and fixes the order of the UDC numbers.

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