Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) December 2018 Solved Questions with Explanations (41-50)

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) December 2018 Solved Questions with Explanations (41-50)

1.      The database ‘Indian Patents’ is published by __.

Answer: A (NISCAIR)

Notes: Some of the indigenous databases developed by NISCAIR that are available on CD-ROM as well as online are: (i) National Union Catalogue of Scientific Serials in India (NUCSSI); (ii) Indian Patents Database (INPAT); (iii) Medical and Aromatic Plants Abstracts (MAPA); (iv) Indian Science Abstract (ISA).

2.      ‘Content by Journal’ is an example of __.
A.    CAS
B.     SDI
C.     DDS
D.    Translation

Answer: A (CAS)

3.      The principles of ‘Management By Objective (MBO)’ were propounded by __ in 1954.
A.    Peter Drucker
B.     S. R. Ranganathan
C.     Peter Anderson
D.    Peter Brophy

Answer: A (Peter Drucker)

Notes: ‘The Practice of Management’, written by Peter Drucker in 1954, in which he first time used and explain the term ‘Management by Objectives (MBO)’.

4.      National Knowledge Resource Consortium (NKRC) was established in __.
A.    1990
B.     2001
C.     2005
D.    2009

Answer: D (2009)

Notes: The National Knowledge Resource Consortium (NKRC) established in the year 2009, is a network of libraries and information centres of 43 CSIR and 26 DST institutes.

5.      The ‘Delivery of Books Act’ was enacted in the year __.
A.    1951
B.     1954
C.     1964
D.    1967

Answer: B (1954)

6.      In CC (6th ed.), the main class ‘W’ denotes:
A.    Education
B.     History
C.     Political Science
D.    Economics

Answer: C (Political Science)

7.      Which law of library science advocates the weeding of unused material from the library?
A.    First law
B.     Fifth law
C.     Third law
D.    Fourth law

Answer: B (Fifth law)

8.      National Book Trust (NBT) is an autonomous organization functioning now under the aegis of __.
A.    Ministry of HRD
B.     Ministry of Finance
C.     Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
D.    Planning Commission

Answer: A (Ministry of HRD)

Notes: National Book Trust (NBT) is an Indian publishing house, founded in 1957 as an autonomous body under the Ministry of Education of Government of India. NBT is now functioning under aegis of Ministry of Human Resource Development.

9.      Indian Library Science Abstracts is published by __.
B.     SIS
C.     IFLA

Answer: D (IASLIC)

Notes: Indian Library Science Abstracts (ILSA) is the only comprehensive abstracting journal which covers the literature on Library and Information Science (LIS) produced in India. It is published annually by the Indian Association of Special Libraries and Information Centres (IASLIC), Kolkata.

10.  Stock verification is an activity of __.
A.    Acquisition Section
B.     Circulation Section
C.     Periodical Section
D.    Maintenance Section

Answer: D (Maintenance Section)

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