KVS, NVS, DSSSB, RSMSSB & Other Competitive Exams Practice Set-21

KVS, NVS, DSSSB, RSMSSB & Other Competitive Exams Practice Set: These multiple choice practice sets intend to help aspiring Library Professionals to prepare for various job-oriented competitive exams conducted by several agencies time to time. It is hoped that these objective questions sets will serve a useful purpose and help a large number of LIS professionals to qualify and get better job opportunities.

KVS, NVS, DSSSB, RSMSSB & Other Competitive Exams Practice Set-21

1. Which library was established by Maharana of Kumbha in 1448 in Udaipur?

Answer: (A) Saraswati Bhandar Library

2. Choose the correct order of Govt. Harishchandra Public Library, Govt. Sumer Public Library, Saraswati Public Library and Maharaja Public Library of Rajasthan, according to where they are situated?

Answer: (C) Jhalawar>Jodhpur>Udaipur>Jaipur
Notes: Govt. Harishchandra Public Library - Jhalawar; Govt. Sumer Public Library - Jodhpur; Saraswati Public Library - Udaipur; Maharaja Public Library - Jaipur

3.Which 'door to door free service' was provided by Sanmati Pustakalaya in Rajasthan?

Answer: (A) Dasti Pustak Sewa
Notes: Master Moti Lal Sanghi was famous for providing door to door free book service called as Dasti Pustak Sewa and for which the book were acquired from his personal resources.

4. Raja Man Singh created a Castle Library in 1592 for keeping rare and vital manuscripts which was known as __.

Answer: (B) Pothi Khana

5. Library Committee is the part of __.

Answer: (C) Library Governance

6. Government Public Libraries in Rajasthan are run under the department of __.

Answer: (C) Language and Library

7. 'A mode of operation where functions are shared in common by a number of libraries' is called __.

Answer: (B) Resource Sharing

8. Entry of books in accession register is done according to __.

Answer: (D) Date of receipt in the library

9. According to Ranganathan, 'Patent' comes under the __.

Answer: (C) Neo-Conventional documents

10. Identify the correct sound file formats: (a) .MOV (b) .WAV (c) .MID (d) .MPG

Answer: (C)

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    1. What's the problem?? plz specify? .WAV and .MID are audio file formats. The other two are video file formats.