Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) December 2018 Solved Questions with Explanations (91-100)

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) December 2018 Solved Questions with Explanations (91-100)

91.      ‘e-Shodh Sindhu’ is a __.
A.    Library software
B.     A Consortium
C.     National scheme
D.    Sindhu River

Answer: B (A Consortium)

92.      ‘APUPA’ is related to __.
A.    Canonical Class
B.     Modes of formation of subjects
C.     Book binding
D.    Arrangement of books on shelves

Answer: D (Arrangement of books on shelves)

Notes: Dr. S. R. Ranganathan has enunciated a fundamental principle known as APUPA pattern. APUPA Pattern is one of the methods of arrangement of books in Classification. As per this method, documents are classified into three types viz. Umbral, Penumbral and Alien. Umbral document implies the totally relevant documents which are of main interest to readers. Penumbral document satisfies the marginal interest of the reader. Alien document is totally non-relevant and thus is not required by the reader. In this way, the pattern of every helpful sequence of book is: Alien – Penumbral – Umbral – Penumbral – Allien (APUPA).

93.      Arrange the following State Public Acts in chronological order:
a)      Gujarat Public Library
b)      Bihar Public Library
c)      Goa Public Library
d)     Arunachal Pradesh Public Library Act
A.    a, c, b, d
B.     c, a, b, d
C.     b, a, c, d
D.    d, a, c, b
Answer: B

94.      ‘Research in Progress Bulletin’ is an example of _.
A.    SDI
B.     CAS
C.     Document Delivery System
D.    Tranlation

Answer: B (CAS)

95.      Which of the following is a publication of ‘Central Reference Library’, Kolkata?
A.    Index India
B.     Library Herald
C.     Index Indiana
D.    Library Today

Answer: C (Index Indiana)

96.      ‘Library Technology Reports’ (2017) is a publication of __.
A.    ALA
B.     ILA
C.     IFLA

Answer: A (ALA)

97.      ISBN stands for __.
A.    International Standard Book Number
B.     Indian Standard Book Number
C.     International Standard Bibliographic Number
D.    Indian Standard Bibliographic Number

Answer: A (International Standard Book Number)

98.      Keesing’s Record of World Events is __.
A.    Directory
B.     Biography
C.     News Digest
D.    Bibliography

Answer: C (News Digest)

99.      In Colon Classification (6th ed), the phase relation digit ‘b’ shows:
A.    General
B.     Bias
C.     Difference
D.    Influencing

Answer: B (Bias)

100.  According to S. R. Ranganathan "__ scheme for classification consists of essentially of a single schedule enumerating all subjects of the past, the present and the anticipatable future”.
A.    An Almost Enumerative
B.     A Rigidly Faceted
C.     An Almost Faceted
D.    An Enumerative

Answer: D (An Enumerative)

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