RPSC (Rajasthan Public Service Commission) Librarian Grade-II 2020 Exam Solved Questions with Explanations (1-10)

RPSC (Rajasthan Public Service Commission) Librarian Grade-II 2020 Exam 
Solved Questions with Explanations (1-10)

1.Which of the following is not a part of Academic Library Committee?

Answer: (A) Book vendor

2. What CDP stands with reference to library?

Answer: (D) Collection Development Policy

3. In reference to library 'POSDCORB' is related to whom?

Answer: (C) Library Management

4. In library an etimate of 'Revenue' and 'Expenditure' for specific period is known as:

Answer: (B) Library budget

5. What is called a study dealing with quantitative information involving collection, analysis and presentation by interpretation of data?

Answer: (A) Statistics

6. Arrange following sections of a library according to related material availability:
(a) Circulation - (i) Library Catalogue Card, Book-Pocket, Due date slip
(b) Periodical - (ii) Dictionaries, Directories, Encyclopedia
(c) Reference - (iii) Identity Cards, Student Library Cards, Computer
(d) Cataloguing - (iv) Newspapers, Magazine News letters

Answer: (B)

7. Dr. S. R. Ranganathan was the Chairman of the UGC (University Grants Commission) Library Committee in which year?

Answer: (C) 1957

8. How the physical condition of important rare books are properly maintained?

Answer: (B) Conservation

9. What an employee feels when he completes work alloted to him, within time and in better way?

Answer: (C) Job Satisfaction

10. Which generation of computer is related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) concept?

Answer: (D) Fifth generation computers

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    1. UGC Library committee under the chairmanship of Dr. S. R. Ranganathan was set up in 1957 which submitted its report in 1959. Again a UGC Review Committee was setup in 1961 under the chairmanship of S. R. Ranganathan which submitted its report in 1962...Hope it will clear you doubt!!