RPSC (Rajasthan Public Service Commission) Librarian Grade-II 2020 Exam Solved Questions with Explanations (31-40)

RPSC (Rajasthan Public Service Commission) Librarian Grade-II 2020 Exam 
Solved Questions with Explanations (31-40)

31. Who provided financial and technical assistance for the establishment of Delhi Public Library, Delhi?

Answer: (B) United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation

32. 'Reading habit and to create self-education interest' objective is of whom?

Answer: (A) School Library & Public Library

33. College Library comes under which category?

Answer: (B) Academic Libraries

34. Rajasthan Public Library Act was passed in which year?

Answer: (A) 2006

35. As Act No. 13 of 1992 amendment in Indian Copy Right Act, 1957, the Copy Right of an author will be valid for how many years after the death of the author?

Answer: (D) 60 years
Notes: The general rule is that copyright lasts for 60 years. In the case of original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works, the 60 year period is counted from the year following the death of the author.

36. In which state of India, 'National Library' is situated?

Answer: (B) West Bengal

37. Which university started first post-graduate course in Library Science in India?

Answer: (C) University of Delhi
Notes: University of Madras is the first university of India to start a one-year postgraduate DIPLOMA in Library Science in 1938, followed by Banaras University in 1941. However, University of Delhi is the first University to start a post-graduate DEGREE course (leading to award B.Lib. Sc. degree) in 1948.

38. Raja Rammohan Roy Library Foundation was established by Government of India in which year?

Answer: (B) 1972
Notes: Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation (RRRLF) was established in May, 1972 by the Department of Culture, Govt. of India to spread library services all over the country.

39. According to Dr. S. R. Ranganathan which one from the following is the fourth law of Library Science?

Answer: (A) Save the time of the Reader

40. American Library Association headquarter is situated at which place?

Answer: (C) Chicago

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  1. Q.37 Must be Delete....Because there is no specification what they are asking about .....Either the Question is demanding First PG Diploma or First PG Degree Course.....In both Context options are available as Madras University and University of Delhi ...