RPSC (Rajasthan Public Service Commission) Librarian Grade-II 2020 Exam Solved Questions with Explanations (61-70)

RPSC (Rajasthan Public Service Commission) Librarian Grade-II 2020 Exam 
Solved Questions with Explanations (61-70)

61. According to Colon Classification, to form Class Number for biography of Prime Minister, which ACI is used?

Answer: (C) y7

62. In chain procedure, subject heading of a document is derived from whom?

Answer: (B) Class Number of document

63. When ideas get organized or systematized in the form of a body of idea, a __ is formed.

Answer: (B) Subject
Notes: According to Ranganathan, A Subject is 'an organized or systematized body of ideas, whose extension and intension are likely to fall coherently within the field of interest and comfortably within the intellectual competence and the field of inevitable specialization of a normal person'. According to M. A. Gopinath 'A Subject is an organized and systematized body of ideas. It may consist of one idea or a combination of several ...'.

64. What is known 'when a catalogue in which some entries are in number entries and some are word entries'? (As per the CCC with additional register for dictionary catalogue code of S.R.Ranganathan)

Answer: (B) Classified Catalogue
Notes: Ranganathan defines a Classified catalogue as ‘A catalogue in which some entries are number entries and some are word entries’.

65. Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules-2 (AACR-2) was published in which year?

Answer: (D) 1978

66. What denotes [C] in following formula of a book number according to Colon Classification? [L][F][Y][A].[V]-[S];[C]:[EVN]

Answer: (B) Copy Number

67. Full form of OPAC is __.

Answer: (D) Online Public Access Catalogue

68. Present ISBN (International Standard Book Number) consist of how many digits?

Answer: (C) 13
Notes: Since 1st January 2007 ISBN consist of 13 digits.

69. Who said that 'Reference Service is the process of establishing contact between reader and his document in a personal way'?

Answer: (B) S. R. Ranganathan

70. Articles published in Research journal are __.

Answer: (C) Primary source

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