RPSC (Rajasthan Public Service Commission) Librarian Grade-II 2020 Exam Solved Questions with Explanations (91-100)

RPSC (Rajasthan Public Service Commission) Librarian Grade-II 2020 Exam 
Solved Questions with Explanations (91-100)

91. What is the main use of 'Shelf-list'?

Answer: (C) Stock verification

92. Which type of binding is useful for the expensive and rare books?

Answer: (D) Full-leather binding
Notes: Books which are very expensive and are rare may need Full-leather binding. Usually reference books such as encyclopaedias, dictionaries, atlases, etc., are given full-leather binding.

93. What is 'Trade Bibliography'?

Answer: (D)

94. Library staff salary is a part of __.

Answer: (B) Non-plan budget
Notes: Plan expenditure pertains to the money to be set aside for productive purposes, like various projects and plans, while Non-Plan expenditure is what library spends on non-productive areas such as salaries etc.

95. Book selection principle 'The best reading for the largest number of readers at the least cost' was established by whom?

Answer: (D) Melvil Dewey

96. Choose the right sequence of procedure from following for the purchase of books for a libary: (a) Payment procedure (b) Purchase order (c) Verification of books (d) Book selection

Answer: (C)

97. What is called a systematic removal of books from a library based on selected criteria?

Answer: (A) Weeding out

98. Catalogues published by publishers time to time are useful in library for which purpose?

Answer: (A) Book selection

99. In the library the amount received from libary fee, donation, endowment, fine and government grants sources are related to whom?

Answer: (D) Library fund

100. Who described the principle of Management?

Answer: (C) Henri Fayol

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