RSMSSB Librarian Grade - III 19 September 2020 Exam Solved Questions with Explanations (61-70)

RSMSSB Librarian Grade - III 19 September 2020 Exam Solved Questions with Explanations (61-70)

61. What is full form of OPAC?

Answer: (B) Online Public Access Catalogue

62. Online edition of DDC is:

Answer: (A) 22nd
Notes: Edition 22 is the first edition of the Dewey Decimal Classification to be produced in the context of the web environment known as WebDewey, first published in 2002.

63. What is the full form of MBO?

Answer: (D) Management by Objectives
Notes: ‘The Practice of Management’, written by Peter Drucker in 1954, in which he first time used and explain the term ‘Management by Objectives (MBO)’.

64. According to which law of library science 'Library grows and grows endlessly'?

Answer: (A) Fifth law

65. 'Shodhganga' is a repository of __.

Answer: (C) e-thesis

66. The information generated by meteorological department is __.

Answer: (D) Statistical Information Tables

67. What is the full form of WIPO?

Answer: (A) World Intellectual Property Organisation

68. Which of the following set is arranged in chronological order?

Notes: IFLA (1927); ILA (1933); UNESCO (1945); RRRLF (1972)

69. GMD in AACR-II stands for __.

Answer: (C) General Material Designation

70. In general, Library Catalogue is __.

Answer: (D) A list of books of a particular library

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    1. please understand the difference between electronic version and online version....First electronic version of DDC (20th ed) issued on CD-ROM in 1993 titled ‘Electronic Dewey’. The electronic version of DDC-21, named ‘Dewey for Windows’ was released simultaneously with print version in 1996 and is a Microsoft Windows or UNIX based LAN compatible system. The can be accessed simultaneously by many people on LAN environment, but not through web. The online version (web version, accessible through internet) of DDC is called ‘Web Dewey’ first published in 2002 based on the 22nd edition of DDC. However, the print version of 22nd edition published in 2.003. Hope this makes everything clear now.