DHSGUS Master in Library Science Entrance Test 2020 Solved Questions with Explanations (61-70)

DHSGUS Master in Library Science Entrance Test 2020 Solved Questions with Explanations (61-70)

61. NICRYS is information system for __.

Answer: (C) Crystallography
Notes: The National Information Centre for Crystallography (NICRYS) established by NISSAT at the University of Madras.

62. How many levels of description AACR-II prescribes?

Answer: (C) Three
Notes: AACR2 prescribes 3 levels of descriptions as per the needs of a particular library.

63.Identify the odd one out:

Answer: (A) Melvil Dewey
Notes: All the three have devised cataloguing codes: Anthony Panizzi Code (British Museum Code) -1841; Rules for Dictionary Catalogue (C.A. Cutter, 1876); CCC (Dr. S. R. Ranganathan, 1934). However, the answer could be Anthony Panizzi as well, it we see the question in terms of Classificationists.

64. In which state of India, First Library Act was passed?

Answer: (D) Tamil Nadu

65. The number of depository libraries in India are:

Answer: (C) Four
Notes: As per the Delivery of Books (Public Libraries) Act, 1954 (Act No. 27 dated 20th May 1954), the National Library, Kolkata and three other public libraries namely, Asiatic Society Library, Mumbai, Connemara Public Library, Chennai and Delhi Public Library, Delhi (notified later by the GOI) are entitled to receive a copy of every publication.

66. The last letter of SWOT analysis refers to __.

Answer: (D) Threats
Notes: SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

67. An array is a set of __.

Answer: (B) Coordinate classes

68. "Connemara Public Library" is situated at __.

Answer: (C) Chennai

69. ProQuest service is offered by __.

Answer: (A) UMI
Notes: ProQuest was founded by Eugene Power as University Microfilms in 1938 and later renamed as University Microfilms International(UMI).

70. Colon Classification is a/an __ scheme of classification.

Answer: (A) Freely faceted
Notes: The 7th edition (1987) of Colon Classification is a freely faceted scheme (Version 3). However edition 1st (1933), 2nd (1939) and 3rd (1950) was the Rigidly faceted scheme of classification (Version 1) and 4th (1952), 5th (1957) and 6th editions (1960) of CC was Almost freely faceted scheme (version 2).

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