Popular Quotes on Library and Librarianship Useful for UGC-NET and Other Librarian Exams




ALA Glossary of Library Terms

“Catalogue is a list of books, maps etc. arranged according to some defined plan”

Albert Einstein

“The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library”

Arundell Esdaile

Bibliography is an art and also a science. “The art of recording books”; and the science “of the making of books and of their extant record”

'A Student's Manual of Bibliography' first published in 1931.

Bertram C. Brookes

Information as ‘fragmented knowledge’ and Knowledge as ‘coherent structures of information’

C. A. Cutter

A library catalogue is “a list of books which is arranged on some definite plan”

‘Rules for Dictionary Catalogue’ (1876)

D. S. Kothari

“No university, college or department should be set up without taking into account its library needs in terms of staff, books, journals, space etc. Nothing could be more damaging to a growing department than to neglect its library or to give it a low priority. On the contrary, the library should be an important centre of attraction on the college or university campus.”

Kothari Commission (Education Commission) Report (1966-68)

Eugene Garfield

“Ranganathan is to library science what Einstein is to physics”

Frederick W. Taylor

“Management is the art of knowing what you want to do in the best and cheapest way”

Francis Bacon

“Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested”

Francis K.W. Drury

“To provide the right book to the right reader at the right time”

Book Selection, Chicago: ALA, 1930

Fritz Machlup

Information Science is cluster of many disciplines where in the central core is ‘Information’

J. K. Rowling

“When in doubt go to the library”

British Novelist, Best known for Harry Potter series

J. Martin

“Information is both a product and process”

James Duff Brown

“A catalogue is an explanatory, logically arranged inventory and key to the books and their contents and it is confined to the books in a particular library”

John F. Mee

Management is “the art of securing maximum results with minimum efforts so as to secure maximum prosperity and happiness for both employer and employee and give the public the best possible service”

L. R. McColvin

“Books in themselves are nothing. They have no more meaning than the white paper upon which they are printed, until they are made serviceable by demand. The more closely book selection is related to demand, the greater is the resultant and possible service”

Theory of Book Selection, 1925

Lawrence Appley

“Management is the accomplishment of results through the efforts of other people”

M. C. Yovits

“Information is data of value to decision making”

Information Science as an aid to Decision Making’ (1969) / research paper by M. C. Yovits

Madden, Moon, Moore, Me Pheron

“Librarianship is not a profession”

Margaret Mann

“A catalogue is a record of the material in  library”

Margaret Mann

Classification is ‘the arranging of things according to likeness and unlikeness’

Mary Parker Follett

“Management is the art of getting things done through people”

Melvil  Dewey

“The best reading for the largest number at the least cost”

Pauline Atherton

“These words stir students to think of and believe in library service above library work as their life goal”

Quoted with reference to ‘Five Laws of Library Science’, ALA, 1980

R. Astall

“Special libraries serve a specialist clientele, located within a single establishment or group and all engaged in working towards one common purpose”

Rameses II - Egyptian king

Library is ‘a place of healing for the souls’


Ray Bradbury

“Without libraries what have we? We have no past and no future”

S. Radhakrishnan

“Library is the heart of all the university’s work”

Radhakrishnan Commission (University Education Commission) Report 1948-1949

S. R. Ranganathan

“Knowledge is a sum total of information conserved by civilization”

S. R. Ranganathan

“If you want to be a reference librarian, you must learn to overcome not only your shyness but also the shyness of others”

S. R. Ranganathan

A Library Catalogue is “a list of document in a library or in a collection forming a portion of it”.

S. R. Ranganathan

“Librarianship is salesmanship”

S. R. Ranganathan

“Reference Service is the contact between the right reader and the right book in the right personal way”

S. R. Ranganathan

“A library is a public institution or establishment charged with the care of collection of books, and the duty of making them accessible to those who require to use them and the task of converting every person in its neighborhood into a habitual library goers and reader of books.”

S. R. Ranganathan

“Library Classification is the translation of the name of the subject of a book into a preferred artificial language or ordinal numbers, and the individualization of several books dealing with the same specific subject by means of a further set of ordinal numbers which represent some features of the books other than their thought content”

Samuel Johnson

“Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves or we know where we can find information upon it”

Sayajirao Gaekwad - III

“Library is a people’s university”

T. S. Elliot

“Where is the Life we have lost in living? Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?”

Poem ‘The Rock” (1934)

W. C. B. Sayers

Sayers defines classification as “It is that exercise of power of perception and reason which enables us to assemble things in an order of likeness, and to separate them according to an order of unlikeness”

W. C. B. Sayers

Library classification is “the arrangement of books on shelves or descriptions of them, in the manner which is most useful to those who read”


“The public library should be established under the clear mandate of law, so framed as to ensure nation-wide provision of public library service”.

UNESCO Public Library Manifesto, 1972


“The public library shall in principle be free of charge. The public library is the responsibility of local and national authorities. It must be supported by specific legislation and financed by national and local governments”.

IFLA/ UNESCO Public Library Manifesto, 1994

William A. Katz

“Search strategy is the looking mirror in the dark”

William F. Glueck

“Management is effective utilization of human and material resources to achieve the enterprise’s objective”

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