Delhi University MLIS Entrance Test 2020 Solved Questions with Explanations (41-50)

Delhi University MLIS Entrance Test 2020 Solved Questions with Explanations (41-50)

41. What is the main source of income in public libraries?

Answer: (B) Library Cess
Notes: Library cess is the mechanism by which the state government collect revenue for the functioning of public libraries in the state. Library cess is a kind of tax which is levied on the house/property tax, usually it ranges between 5%-10%.

42. Tooling of books is a function of:

Answer: (D) Maintenance section
Notes: Tooling is one of the final processes of making the binding more artistic and attractive. It is the process of fixing the title, call number of the book, etc. on the spine or at any other place on the cover decoration i.e. giving the final touches to get a finish.

43. NISCAIR stands for __.

Answer: (A) National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources

44. What are the two parts of annual report of a library?

Answer: (C) Descriptive and statistical

45. PDA stands for __.

Answer: (A) Personal Digital Assistance
Notes: Personal digital assistant (PDA) is a term for a small, handheld device computer that provides computing and information storage and retrieval capabilities for personal or business use, often for keeping schedules, calendars and address book information handy. It is now being replaced by Smartphones.

46. What is the full form of IATLIS?

Answer: (B) Indian Association of Teachers of Library & Information Science

47. BSO in classification stands for __.

Answer: (B) Broad System of Ordering

48. IPR stands for __.

Answer: (B) Intellectual Property Right

49. Content, Abstract and Photocopy Service (CAPS) is service provided by __.

Answer: (D) NISCAIR

50. Name the editor of ‘Sears List of Subject Headings’?

Answer: (B) M. E. Sears

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  1. Q no 42 ..tooling of books is function of ....Maintance section option D is right answer sir

    1. Thanks for your feedback....the details are corrected