UGC-NET June 2020 Solved Questions with Explanations (71-80)

UGC-NET June 2020 Solved Questions with Explanations (71-80)

71. Which one of the following is the Linked Open Data Project of Thomson Reuters?


B.   OpenCalais


D.   Geo Names


Answer: B (Opencalais)

Notes: OpenCalais, first launched in 2008, is a free service by Thomson Reuters that automatically extracts semantic information from web pages in a format that can be used on the semantic web.

72. The Calcutta Public Library was established largely at the initiative of __.

A.   K. M. Asadullah

B.   Lord Curzon

C.   F. P. Strong

D.   J. H. Stocqueler


Answer: D (J. H. Stocqueler)

Notes:  In 1836, the Calcutta Public Library was established at the suggestion of Jocquim Hayward Stocqueler, a journalist and the then editor of the Englishman.

73. DESIDOC was formerly known as:

A.   Bureau of Scientific Documentation

B.   Scientific Information Bureau

C.   Scientific Information Center

D.   Defence Information Centre


Answer: B (Scientific Information Bureau)

Notes: DESIDOC started functioning as Scientific Information Bureau (SIB) in 1958 and later reorganized and renamed as Defence Scientific Information & Documentation Centre (DESIDOC) in the year 1970.

74. Who has developed the ‘Geneva Declaration of Principles’?






Answer: A (WSIS)

Notes: In the first phase of WSIS (World Summit on the Information Society) at Geneva in 2003, the delegate from 175 countries adopted a Declaration of Principles. This was a road map for achieving an information society accessible to all and based on shared knowledge. 

75.   Which of the following are e-PG Pathshala modules? 

      a)    e-Granth                 

      b)    e-Guru

      c)    e-Pathya

      d)    e-Adhyayan


         A.   (a) and (b) only

         B.   (b) and (c) only    

         C.   (c) and (d) only

         D.   (a) and (c) only


Answer: C


76.   Arrange in sequence, the following major phases involved in a case study:

      a)    Diagnosis and identification of causal factors as a basis for developmental treatment    

      b)    Recognition and determination of the status of the phenomenon            

      c)    Collection of data, the examination of the given phenomenon

      d)    Application of remedial measures


         A.   d, a, b, c

         B.   b, c, a, d

         C.   a, d, c, b

         D.   c, b, d, a


Answer: B


77. The first public version of the content management system – ‘Ghost’ was released with which one of the following names?

A.   Content Pro

B.   Typo3

C.   Grav

D.   Kerouac


Answer: D (Kerouac)

Notes: Ghost, a free and open source content management system, written in javaScript and first public version released in October 2013 with the name ‘Kerouac’.

78.   Which of the following are components of the Knowledge Pentagon as defined by the National Knowledge Commission (2006-2009)? 

      a)    Creation of knowledge                  

      b)    Knowledge Organization

      c)    Knowledge Management

      d)    Knowledge Application


         A.   (a) and (b) only

         B.   (b) and (c) only    

         C.   (a) and (d) only

         D.   (a) and (c) only


Answer: C

Notes: The National Knowledge Commission (NKC) was a high level advisory body to the Prime Minister of India with the objective of transforming India into a knowledge societyIt was formed on 13 June 2005 by the prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, under the chairmanship of Mr. Sam Pitroda. Since July 2014, the NKC is declared defunct by the government. The main terms of reference of the Commission referred to as the Knowledge Pentagon had the following components: (i) Access to Knowledge (ii) Knowledge Concepts (iii) Creation of Knowledge (iv) Knowledge Applications (v) Delivery of Services

79.   Arrange expert systems in their ascending order of development:

      a)    Mycin

      b)    ANSWER MAN               

      c)    DENDRAL

      d)    Journal Expert Selector

      e)    Prospector


         A.   d, a, b, e, c

         B.   b, c, a, d, e

         C.   a, d, c, b, e

         D.   c, a, e, b, d


Answer: D

Notes: In artificial intelligence (AI), an expert system is a computer system that emulates the decision-making ability of a human expert. The first expert system ‘DENDRAL’ was introduced by Edward Feigenbaum and his team at Stanford University, United States around 1965. MYCIN developed during early 1970s was an early backward chaining expert system that used artificial intelligence to identify bacteria causing severe infections.

80. Which one of the following measures the impact of scholarship and research through online interaction?

A.   Scientometrics

B.   Altmetrics

C.   Bibliometrics

D.   Librametrics


Answer: B (Altmetrics)

Notes: Altmetrics (also known as Alternative metrics) tracks a range of sources to capture and collate record of engagement with scholarly work, helping researcher to monitor and report on the attention surrounding the work they care about. In other words, it measures the data generated from the interactions of social web users with researcher produced material. Altmetrics tracks a range of online sites and sources looking for ‘mentions’ (links or written references) to scholarly outputs.

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