Andhra Pradesh SET (APSET) 2020 Solved Library & Information Science Questions with Explanations (11-20)

Andhra Pradesh SET (APSET) 2020 Solved Library & Information Science Questions with Explanations (11-20)

11. Zero-based budgeting was developed by __.

Answer: (C) Peter Pyhrr

12. Which Library Automation Software was developed by DESIDOC?

Answer: (A) & (C) SUCHIKA & SANJAY
Notes: [Question Composition is wrong]. Sanjay Library Software, is developed by DESIDOC in 1995. The software was based on CDS/ISIS and sponsored and marketed by NISSAT. Suchika software was developed in 1996 by DESIDOC.

13. VINITI is National Documentation Centre located at __.

Answer: (D) Russia
Notes: VINITI (All-Russian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information) is a subsidiary of the Russian Academy of Sciences devoted to gathering scientific and technical information from sources throughout the world and disseminating this information to Russian scientific community. It was established in 1952 by Alexander Nesmeyanov and located in Moscow.

14. Indian Library Science Abstracts is being brought out by __.

Answer: (B) IASLIC
Notes: Indian Library Science Abstracts (ILSA) is an abstracting journal being published annually by IASLIC, Kolkata.

15. The Publisher of 'Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature' is __.

Answer: (A) Grey House Publishing
Notes: The Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature has been published since 1901 by H. W. Wilson Co. In June, 2011, H. W. Wilson Company merged with EBSCO Publishing and all H. W. Wilson products are now being published by Grey House Publishing, New York - a subsidiary of EBSCO.

16. The Europa World of Learning publication was started in __.

Answer: (B) 1947
Notes: The Europa World of Learning is the online version of the classic reference text in print, The World of Learning started publishing since 1947.

17. Who is the publisher of Index Translationum?

Answer: (D) UNESCO

18. Which system considers the name of authors as keywords?

Answer: [Doubtful Question]
Notes: WADEX (Word & Author Index) is an improved version of KWIC where along with the keywords, the names of authors are also treated as keywords and indexed accordingly. Thus, WADEX satisfies both the author and subject approaches.

19. Who introduced the concept of MBO (Management by Objectives)?

Answer: (A) P. Drucker
Notes: The term ‘Management by Objectives (MBO) was first used and explained by Peter Drucker in 1954.

20. Shelflist is useful for __.

Answer: (A) Stock taking
Notes: Shelf-List is mainly used for stock taking/stock verification.

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