Andhra Pradesh SET (APSET) 2020 Solved Library & Information Science Questions with Explanations (41-50)

Andhra Pradesh SET (APSET) 2020 Solved Library & Information Science Questions with Explanations (41-50)

41. Which is the last section of main entry?

Answer: (C) Tracing section
Notes: According to Rule of CCC, the sections of main entry of classified catalogue consists of the following sections: (i) Leading section (ii) Heading section (iii) Title Section (iv) Note Section, if any (v) Accession Number, and (vi) Tracing

42. When was the 'Sears' List of Subject Heading' first published?

Answer: (C) 1923
Notes: Sears List of Subject Headings, first published by Minnie Earl Sears in 1923.

43. In which book Ranganathan introduced canons of cataloguing for the first time?

Answer: (B) Theory of Library Catalogue, (1938)
Notes: Though S R Ranganathan’s, Classified Catalogue Code (CCC) was published in 1934, the canons of cataloguing were for the first time included in Theory of Library Catalogue published in 1938.

44. In which year, the first School of Library Science was set up in the world at Columbia College, New York?

Answer: (C) 1887
Notes: Melvil Dewey founded the World’s first Library School of Economy at Columbia College, New York. It was officially opened on January 5, 1887 with an enrollment of 20 students.

45. Phoenix Schedules are part of __.

Answer: (A) DDC

46. Which term is used for right hand page of an open book marked by odd number?

Answer: (A) Recto
Notes: In languages written from left to right such as English, the recto is the right-hand page (Front) and the verso is the left-hand page (Back) of a bound item like a book or pamphlet.

47. Who is the publisher of the Ulrich's International Periodical Directory?

Answer: (B) ProQuest
Notes: Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory published since 1932 by R. R. Bowker and is now being produced by ProQuest. R. R. Bowker Company is now part of ProQuest.

48. What is the first name of British Books in Print that was changed later?

Answer: (B) Reference Catalogue of British Literature

49. What is the name given by S. R. Ranganathan for Book-Mobile?

Answer: (B) Librachine

50. How many notations are assigned for main classes of DDC in 0-9 from .0000001 to .9999999?

Answer: (C) 10 classes

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