Maharashtra SET (MH-SET) 2020 Solved Library & Information Science Questions with Explanations (11-20)

Maharashtra SET (MH-SET) 2020 Solved Library & Information Science Questions with Explanations (11-20)

11. Who was the pioneer of Social Libraries in USA?

Answer: (D) Benjamin Franklin
Notes: Benjamin Franklin was a pioneer in starting social libraries in United States. He started a company in 1793 called the Library Company of Philadelphia to promote the social libraries.

12. Which notable Gift collection in National Library, Kolkata cover the whole gamut of subjects?

Answer: (D) Sir Asutosh Mukherji

13. Match the following:
(a) ALA - (i) 1926
(b) IASLIC - (ii) 1933
(c) ASLIB - (iii) 1955
(d) ILA - (iv) 1876

Answer: (C)
Notes: ALA (1876);ASLIB (1926); ILA (1933); IASLIC (1955)

14. Which are the types of Literacies?
(a) Digital Literacy
(b) Computer Literacy
(c) Information Literacy
(d) Literary Warrant

Answer: (A)

15. Which committees were appointed to look into the working of the Public libraries in England?
(a) Adams Committee
(b) Mitchell Committee
(c) Barry Committee
(d) Tilden Committee

Answer: (B)

16. Which of the following signify the concept of a user?
(a) Member
(b) Proprietor
(c) Customer
(d) Client

Answer: (D)

17. Arrange the following concepts related with Information Literacy in logical order:
(a) Evaluate
(b) Identify
(c) Locate
(d) Effective use

Answer: (A)
Notes: The United States National Forum on Information Literacy defined information literacy as "the ability to know when there is a need for information, to be able to identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively use that information for the issue or problem at hand".

18. Arrange the following Library Networks in order of their establishment:

Answer: (D)
Notes: INFLIBNET (1991); PUNENET (1992); CALIBNET (1993); BALNET (1995)

19. Arrange the following ancient libraries in order of their origin with the help of codes given below:
(a) Library of Ashurbanipal
(b) Library of Celsus
(c) Library of Pergamum
(d) Villa of the Papyri

Answer: (A)
Notes: The Library of Ashurbanipal (7th Century BC, around 668-627 BC, Assyria, Northern Mesopotamia); Library of Pergamum (3rd Century BC, between 220-159 BC, Pergamum, Turkey); Villa of the Papyri (79AD, Italy);Library of celsus (117 AD, Turkey).

20. Assertion (A): The profession of Library and Information Science is under tremendous pressure. Reason (R): The application of various kinds of technologies in professional activities has widened.

Answer: (D)

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