West Bengal SET 2020 (Library & Information Science) Solved Questions with Explanations (21-30)

West Bengal SET 2020 (Library & Information Science) Solved Questions with Explanations (21-30)

21. Match the following?
(a) Arunchal Pradesh Act - (i) 2001
(b) The Bihar State Public Library and Information Centre Act - (ii) 2006
(c) Rajasthan Public Libraries Act - (iii) 2008
(d) Gujarat Public Libraries Act - (iv) 2009

Answer: (A)

22. Match the following:
(a) OCLC - (i) Science Tracer Bullet
(b) Library of Congress - (ii) Kindred Works
(c) British Library - (iii) Co-Lab
(d) Library and Archives Canada - (iv) THOR: Technical and Human Infrastructure for Open Research

Answer: (A)

23. Match the following:
(a) Blue - (i) Can archive post-print
(b) Green - (ii) Can archive both post-print and pre-print
(c) Yellow - (iii) Can archive pre-print
(d) White - (iv) Archiving not formally supported

Answer: (A)
Notes: The four different colors are used to highlight four different categories of archiving rights under SHERPA/RoMEO project: Green - can archive both pre-print and post-print; Blue - can archive post-print; Yellow - can archive pre-print; and White - archiving not formally supported.

24. Match the following:
(a) Bibliopsychology - (i) Louis Jacob de Saint
(b) Bibliography - (ii) Samuel Crothers
(c) Bibliomania - (iii) Nicholas Rubakin
(d) Bibliotherapy - (iv) John Ferrier

Answer: (C)

25. Match the following:
(a) Lexis-Nexis - (i)Has PDFs of hundreds of journals
(b) HeinOnline - (ii) Law reviews and journals files
(c) Wolters Kluwer (iii) A unified delivery platform specialized in biomedical contents
(d) Ovid Discovery (iv) The world's most trusted medical research platform

Answer: (B)

26. Match the following:
(a) Memex - (i) H. P. Luhn
(b) BALLOTS - (ii) Vannever Bush
(c) SRU - (iii) Library of Congress
(d) KWIC - (iv) Stanford University

Answer: (D)

27. Match the following:
(a) AIRS - (i) Code list
(b) IPSV - (ii) Category list
(c) GCL - (iii) Thesaurus
(d) LGAL - (iv) Taxonomy

Answer: (D)
Notes: The AIRS/211 LA County Taxonomy of Human Services provides a standard language and terminology for information and referral providers in United States and Canada.The Integrated Public Sector Vocabulary (IPSV) is a controlled vocabulary for describing subject elements of metadata used in United Kingdom’s e-GMS (e-Government Metadata Standard) and was first released in April 2005. It merged earlier lists: the GCL (Government Category List) and LGCL (Local Government Category List). It is fully compliant with ISO 2788.

28. Match the following:
(a) LOCKSS - (i) British Library
(b) DORIA - (ii) University of Glassgow
(c) ESPIDA - (iii) Helsinki University Library
(d) LIFE - (iv) Stanford University Libraries

Answer: (A)

29. Match the following:
(a) H. W. Wilson Co. - (i) Cambridge Information Group
(b) University Microfilms - (ii) Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group
(c) R. R. Bowker LLC - (iii) EBSCO Publishing
(d) Scarecrow Press - (iv) ProQuest LLC

Answer: (B)

30. Match the following:
(a) CHIPS - (i) Kerala
(b) Mahitishakti - (ii) Chhattisgarh
(c) Akshaya - (iii) Haryana
(d) Nai Disha - (iv) Gujarat

Answer: (D)
Notes: Chttisgarh Infotech Promotion Society (CHIPS); Akshaya e-literacy project was first started in Malappuram district of Kerala in the year 2002.

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  1. Information Requirements of the Social Science (INFROSS) is an important study frequently quoted in

    Sir is question ka answer har jagah alag ala hai. kahi experiment , survey, kahi historical research . if it is possible plz solve the confusion.

    1. INFROSS (Information Requirements of the Social Sciences) is an important study frequently quoted in Survey research. It was carried out in 1967 by Maurice B. Line at Bath University, England to investigate into their information requirements.