Computer & Library Digitization (UNIT-VII & VIII) Practice Set-10

UGC-NET LIS MCQs Practice Set: National Eligibility Test (NET) of UGC or State Eligibility Test (SET) has become compulsory to get employment in Universities and Colleges in India. In order to help aspiring professionals to appear for UGC-NET exam, I have started uploading a series of PRACTICE SET of Library and Information Science Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) based on the new UGC /NTA–NET Syllabus from June 2019 onward.

UGC-NET exams are getting tougher with the time and require to study thoroughly and practice new and tough set of objective questions. It is hoped that the PRACTICE SET will serve a useful purpose and help a large number of LIS professionals to qualify NET/SLET and other competitive examinations in order to get better job opportunities and become a qualified library professionals.

Computer & Library Digitization (UNIT-VII & VIII) Practice Set-10

1. Which among the following is NOT a social bookmarking sites?

Answer: (C) Feedly
Notes: Feedly is a web feed or a news aggregator application.

2. Knimbus is located in __.

Answer: (A) New Delhi

3. Which among the following is a Wiki Application?

Answer: (B) PBWorks
Notes: PBworks is a commercial real-time collaborative editing system used for the creation of Wikis, developed by David Weekly in 2005.

4. Who wrote the book 'The Wiki Way'?

Answer: (C) Ward Cunningham
Notes: 'The Wiki Way:Quick Collboration on the Web' is a book written by Bo Leuf and Ward Cunningham and first published in 2001.

5. F1000 Research is now owned by __.

Answer: (C) Taylor and Francis

6. F1000 is headquartered in __.

Answer: (A) London

7. F1000 is an open access scientific publishing platform mainly in the field of __.

Answer: (B) Life Sciences
Notes: F1000 Research is an open access, peer review scientific publishing platform mainly in the field of Life Sciences. F1000 was founded in United Kingdom (Headquarter in London) in the year 2000 by publishing entrepreneur Vitek Tracz. It was acquired by Taylor and Francis Group, an Informa Company, in January 2020.

8. RFID reader or Interrogator is a device that consists of __.

Answer: (B) Microchip, Battery and Antenna
Notes: RFID Reader is a device which consists of an antenna, transceiver and a decoder.

9. BLUEcloud Library Services Platform (LSP) is developed by __

Answer: (A) SirsiDynix
Notes: BLUEcloud Library Services Platform (LSP), first released in June 2013 by SirsiDynix, is browser-based next generation software for libraries of all types that allows cloud based administration, discovery, acquisition and collection management applications. BLUEcloud campus is a unique collaboration between SirsiDynix and EBSCO designed specifically for academic and school libraries.

10. 'COUNTER' stands for __.

Answer: (B) Counting Online Usage of Networked Electronic Resources
Notes: COUNTER (Counting Online Usage of Networked Electronic Resources) is an international initiative designed to serve librarians, publishers and intermediaries by facilitating the recording and exchange of online usage statistics of E-resources.

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