Computer & Library Digitization (UNIT-VII & VIII) Practice Set-11


UGC-NET LIS MCQs Practice Set: National Eligibility Test (NET) of UGC or State Eligibility Test (SET) has become compulsory to get employment in Universities and Colleges in India. In order to help aspiring professionals to appear for UGC-NET exam, I have started uploading a series of PRACTICE SET of Library and Information Science Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) based on the new UGC /NTA–NET Syllabus from June 2019 onward.

UGC-NET exams are getting tougher with the time and require to study thoroughly and practice new and tough set of objective questions. It is hoped that the PRACTICE SET will serve a useful purpose and help a large number of LIS professionals to qualify NET/SLET and other competitive examinations in order to get better job opportunities and become a qualified library professionals.

Computer & Library Digitization (UNIT-VII & VIII) Practice Set-11

1. OpenURL protocol is developed by __.

Answer: (C) Herbert Van de Sompel
Notes:OpenURL was created by Herbert Van de Sompel, a librarian at the University of Ghent, in the late 1990s.

2. Select the correct statement from the following:
(a) Link Resolver is a software application based on OpenURL protocol developed by Alan Harvey Guth.
(b) Link Resolver helps to provide seamless access to electronic full-text content across all databases and vendors for a desired citation.

Answer: (B)
Notes: Link Resolver is a software application based on OpenURL protocol developed by Herbert Van de Sompel.

3. SFX Link Resolver is developed by __.

Answer: (B) Ex Libris

4. OpenURL is a NISO Standard ___.

Answer: (C) Z39.88

5. WebBridge Link Resolver is developed by __.

Answer: (A) Innovative Interfaces

6. Which among the following web applications was developed by Tim Spalding?

Answer: (C) LibraryThing
Notes: LibraryThing developed by Tim Spalding and first launched in 2005 is a Social Cataloguing Web application.

7. Which one of the following is NOT an open source discovery interface?

Answer: (C) Orchid
Notes: Orchid Labs, founded in 2017, is a California-based software company that develops the open source Orchid protocol, which is a peer-to-peer network and online marketplace for selling and buying internet bandwidth.

8. Select from the following, the IEEE standard for Wimax:

Answer: (D) IEEE 802.16
Notes: WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is a family of wireless broadband communication standards based on the IEEE 802.16 set of standards.

9. Which among the following are online tools for cataloguing books?
(a) LibraryThing
(b) GoodReads
(c) Scoop
(d) Reddit

Answer: (A) (a) and (b) only

10. The term 'Library 2.0' was coined by __.

Answer: (B) Michael Casey
Notes: ‘Library 2.0’ is a term coined by Michael Casey on his LibrayCrunch blog. ‘Library 2.0’ can be defined as ‘the application of interactive, collaborative, and multi-media web-based technologies to web-based library services and collections’. The focus is on user-centered change and participation in the creation of content and community.

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