DSSSB Technical Assistant (Library) Exam 07th August 2021 Solved Questions with Explanations (11-20)


DSSSB Technical Assistant (Library) Exam 07th August 2021 Solved Questions with Explanations (11-20)

11. Libraries plays a very important role in fostering __ development of the students.

Answer: (C) Intellectual

12. Mathematical theory of information was propounded by __.

Answer: (A) Shannon and Weaver
Notes: The first theoretical model of communication was proposed in 1949 by Shannon and Weaver for Bell Laboratories. This Mathematical Model of Communication has three elements (Sender – Channel - Receiver) and was based on the Aristotle’s model of communication and it viewed communication as a one-way process – a linear model of communication.

13. __ percent of the annual school budget must be available for the library, besides capital cost of building, equipment and furniture.

Answer: (C) Five to ten
Notes: At present there are no fixed norms for the provision of finances to school libraries in India. However, as per IFLA/UNESCO School Library Guidelines, as a general rule, the school library material budget should be at least 5% of the per student expenditure for the school system, exclusive of all salaries, special education expenses, transportation, and capital improvement funds.

14. The state that enacted library legislation in 1965 is __.

Answer: (C) Karnataka

15. Shannon-Weaver model of communication is __.

Answer: (C) Technical model
Notes: The Shannon Weaver Model of Communication is a mathematical model used for technical communication or machine communication like telegraph and telephone.

16. The concept of 'Literary Warrant' was introduced by __.

Answer: (A) E. W. Hulme
Notes: E. W. Hulme coined the term ‘Literary Warrant’ as the basis of book classification and the definition of subject classes in his paper ‘Principles of Book Classification’ in 1911.

17. Colon Classification 6th edition is __.

Answer: (B) Freely faceted

18. Epidemic theory of literature growth was suggested by __.

Answer: (A) W. Goffman
Notes: The epidemic theory of literature growth, as developed by W. Goffman, is an analogy between the spread of a communicable disease and the diffusion of an idea. According to this theory, ideas are transmitted from one individual to another within a set population by means of social contacts. The idea is equivalent to the disease organism which is transmitted from one person to another in the spread of a disease. Goffman's epidemic theory is often compared to the Contagion theory developed by Menzel and his colleagues.

19. The electronic version of DDC-20 edition was issued in 1993 on CD-ROM titled __.

Answer: (D) Electronic Dewey
Notes: First electronic version of DDC (20th ed) issued on CD-ROM in 1993 titled ‘Electronic Dewey’.

20. Libsys is a library automation software developed by __.

Answer: (D) LibSys Corporation

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