DSSSB Technical Assistant (Library) Exam 07th August 2021 Solved Questions with Explanations (31-40)


DSSSB Technical Assistant (Library) Exam 07th August 2021 Solved Questions with Explanations (31-40)

31. Class numbers 551, 2, 951 are some examples of ___.

Answer: (D) Pure notation
Notes: A notation may consist of any symbols, signs, letters, or figures to represent terms. There are two types of notation:(i) Pure notation - Pure Notation consists of only one type of symbol i.e Either Arabic numerals (0-9) or Roman letters (A-Z). The examples of Pure notational schemes are: DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification) and Expansive Classification (EC).

32. There are three approaches to a document in the library (i) ___ approach, (ii) Title approach, and (iii) Subject approach

Answer: (D) Author

33. Notation is defined as 'shorthand sign' by __.

Answer: (B) Richardson
Notes: E. C. Richardson defined notation as a 'Shorthand sign'.

34. In academic, special and to a large extent in public libraries, the majority of users approach documents on the basis of __.

Answer: (B) Subject approach

35. In the seventh edition of CC, the connecting symbol for phase relation is __.

Answer: (B) Ampersand
Notes: Ampersand (&) is the connecting symbol for phase relation in the 7th edition of Colon Classification.

36. Fourth generation computers are __.

Answer: (A) Faster in speed

37. 'Organisation of knowledge in libraries and the subject approach to books' are written by __.

Answer: (A) H. E. Bliss
Notes: 'The Organization of Knowledge in Libraries and the Subject-Approach to Books' is written by Henry E. Bliss and first published in 1933.

38. ___ computer is a combination of both analog and digital components.

Answer: (A) Hybrid
Notes: Hybrid computers are computers that exhibit features of analog computers and digital computers. Hybrid computer accepts analog signals, converts them to digital and processes them in digital form. Hybrid computers are used in process control and robotics.

39. 'Living with Books' used in __.

Answer: (A) Book Selection
Notes: ‘Living with Books: the Art of Book Selection’ is written by Helen E. Haines in the year 1935 is related to book selection.

40. 'Introduction to Reference Sources' is written by __.

Answer: [Question composition is slightly wrong]
Notes: 'Introduction to reference work' is written by William A. Katz and first published in 1969.

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