DSSSB Technical Assistant (Library) Exam 07th August 2021 Solved Questions with Explanations (71-80)


DSSSB Technical Assistant (Library) Exam 07th August 2021 Solved Questions with Explanations (71-80)

71. The microform catalogues are being used extensively since __.

Answer: (A) 1970's
Notes: Microform catalogues are the output forms of computerised cataloguing system. These forms were used extensively in the production of library catalogue during 1970s. Microform catalogues are compact and occupy less space in libraries.

72. Which of the following is NOT an example of current awareness service?

Answer: (C) A reading list

73. 'Information Skills Model' developed by __.

Answer: (A) SCONUL
Notes: In 1999, the SCONUL (Society of College, National and University Libraries) Working Group on Information Literacy published ‘Information Skills in Higher Education: A SCONUL position paper’ introducing the Seven Pillars of Information Skills model, used by librarians for information literacy skills.

74. The first publisher of Sears List of Subject Headings __.

Answer: (C) H. W. Wilson
Notes: Sears List of Subject Headings, formulated by Minnie Earl Sears and first published by H. W. Wilson in 1923.

75. The first step in long range of reference service is __.

Answer: (C) Reference interview

76. Current awareness service comes under the category of __.

Answer: (A) Anticipatory service
Notes: Anticipatory information services are provided to library users in anticipation of demand for such services. These services are also called active information services.

77. The ideas, theories, hypothesis about relationship which exists among variables is known as __ information.

Answer: (B) Conceptual

78. 'Media and Information Literacy' is penned by __.

Answer: (D) Marcus Leaning
Notes: 'Media and Information Literacy: An Integrated Approach for the 21st Century' is written by Marcus Leaning and first published in 2017.

79. UKMARK, is developed by __.

Answer: (C) BNB
Notes: The UKMARC format was developed primarily to facilitate the production of the printed British National Bibliography (BNB).

80. The Indian National Bibliography (INB) is published by __.

Answer: (C) Central Reference Library, Kolkata

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