Information, Communication & Legal Rights (UNIT-I) Practice Set-4


Information, Communication & Legal Rights (UNIT-I) Practice Set-4

1. What is paraphrasing?

Answer: (A) Rewriting someone else’s idea in your own language
Notes: Paraphrasing means to rewrite someone else’s idea in your own words without changing the original meaning while changing the structure of the original.

2. Plagiarism in research is __.

Answer: (B) Copying unscrupulously and making use of it
Notes: Plagiarism is a moral, ethical and legal issue. It occurs when an individual unscrupulously copying from someone else’s work and making use of it without their knowledge.

3. ‘Text Recycling’ is also known as __.

Answer: (B) Self Plagiarism
Notes: Text recycling, also referred to as ‘Self Plagiarism’, is the reproduction of an author’s own text from a previous publication in a new publication.

4. The term censorship is derived from word censere of __ origin?

Answer: (C) Latin

5. In the context of Plagiarism, the term ‘Patchwriting’ is coined by __.

Answer: (A) Rebecca Moore Howard
Notes: The term ‘Patchwriting’ was coined by Rebecca Moore Howard, referring the practice of “copying from a source text and then deleting some words, altering grammatical structures, or plugging in one-for-one synonym substitutes” but ultimately failed and remains too close to the original source.

6. What is Clause quilt?

Answer: (C) Variation of paraphrasing plagiarism
Notes: Clause quilts, is also known as patch-writing or mosaic plagiarism. A clause quilt is a variation of paraphrasing plagiarism that has been called patch-writing by Rebecca Moore Howard. In this type of plagiarism, the students take phrases or incomplete sentences from one or more sources and then “quilt” them together with their own words or phrases.

7. Who first coined the term 'Pawn Sacrifice' in academic plagiarism?

Answer: (A) Benjamin Lahusen
Notes: The term ‘Pawn Sacrifice’ in academic plagiarism was first introduced by Benjamin Lahusen in 2006.

8. What is Pawn sacrifice?

Answer: (B)
Notes: Pawn sacrifice is a kind of plagiarism that refers to cases where a plagiarized work is cited in some way, either in a footnote or a reference list, but it is unclear exactly how much of the original author’s work has been copied.

9. COPE stands for __.

Answer: (A) Committee on Publication Ethics
Notes: COPE was established in 1997 by a small group of medical journal editors in the United Kingdom. It is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to define best practice in the ethics of scholarly publishing.

10. Identify the penalty in case of plagiarism in ‘Level 2’ in Academic and Research Publications as per UGC (Promotion of Academic Integrity and Prevention of Plagiarism in Higher Education Institutions) Regulations, 2018:

Answer: (B)
Notes: Penalties for Level 2 plagiarism as per UGC are : Similarities above 40 to 60% - (i) Shall be asked to withdraw manuscript (ii) shall be denied a right to one annual increment and (iii) shall not be allowed to be a supervisor to any new Master’s, M.Phil, Ph.D student/scholar for a period of two years.

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