Karnataka SET (KSET) 2021 Solved Library & Information Science Questions with Explanations (41-50)


Karnataka SET (KSET) 2021 Solved Library & Information Science Questions with Explanations (41-50)

41. Land marks in the development of open access initiatives are __.
(a) Budapest Open Access Initiatives, 2002
(b) Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing, 2003
(c) Meeting of New Economics of Information Access, 2002
(d) Berlin Declaration of Open Access of Knowledge, 2003

Answer: (B)

42. Digital obsolescence means __.
(a) Obsolescence of hardware
(b) Obsolescence of software
(c) Obsolescence of technical skills
(d) Obsolescence of data

Answer: (B)
Notes: Digital obsolescence is a situation in which digital resource cannot be read anymore, either because physical medium that contains it is no longer in use, or hardware or software which executes it is not available, is known as the digital obsolescence.

43. Which of the following limitations led to change in organizational hierarchy to inverted pyramid structure?
(a) Rigidity
(b) Lack of information
(c) Lack of financial incentives
(d) Lack of motivation

Answer: (C)
Notes: An inverted pyramid (reverse hierarchy) is a conceptual organizational structure that attempts to "invert" or "reverse" the classical pyramid of hierarchical organizations. In this structure, the key decisions are made by the employees in direct contact with customers, while senior management positions provide support to employees. The term 'Inverted Pyramid' is attributed to Jan Carizon.

44. Which of the following are theories of motivation?
(a) Herzberg's Two Factor Theory
(b) Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
(c) Systems Theory
(d) X and Y Theory

Answer: (B)

45. Digital library function incorporate __.
(a) Creating and capturing
(b) Storage and management
(c) Search and access
(d) Abstracting and reviewing

Answer: (C)

46. Which of the following are the author level metrics?
(a) H-Index
(b) G-Index
(c) I-10 Index
(d) C- Index

Answer: (A)

47. Match the following:
(a) Manipur - (i) 1993
(b) Mizoram - (ii) 1988
(c) Arunachal Pradesh - (iii) 2009
(d) Uttar Pradesh - (iv) 2006

Answer: (D)
Notes: Manipur - 1988; Mizoram - 1993; Arunachal Pradesh - 2009; Uttar Pradesh - 2006

48. Match the following according to the steps of MBO process:
(a) Step 1 - (i) Define employees objectives
(b) Step 2 - (ii) Providing feedback
(c) Step 4 - (iii) Define organizational goals
(d) Step 5 - (iv) Performance evaluation

Answer: [The question composition is wrong]
Notes: There are 6 basic steps in MBO process: (i) Define Organizational Goals; (ii) Define Employees Objectives; (iii) Monitor Progress/Performance; (iv) Performance Evaluation; (v) Providing Feedback, and (vi) Performance Appraisal.

49. Match the following main classes according to DDC 22nd edition.
(a) 800 - (i) Religion
(b) 600 - (ii) Literature
(c) 200 - (iii) History and Geography
(d) 900 - (iv) Technology

Answer: (D)

50. Match the following:
(a) LIBSYS - (i) Soft Link
(b) Maitrayee - (ii) INFLIBNET
(c) SOUL - (iii) CALIBNET
(d) OASIS - (iv) Infotech

Answer: [The question composition is wrong]
Notes: Libsys is developed by Libsys Pvt Ltd., Gurgaon; Maitrayee - Developed by CMC Ltd for CALIBNET Project; SOUL - INFLIBNET; OASIS - Soft Link International

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