Karnataka SET (KSET) 2021 Solved Library & Information Science Questions with Explanations (51-60)


Karnataka SET (KSET) 2021 Solved Library & Information Science Questions with Explanations (51-60)

51. Match the following:
(a) Predicting possible causes behind an effect already occurred - (i) Analytical Research
(b) Evaluation of facts and information already available - (ii) Conceptual Research
(c) Conclusion drawn from variable - (iii) Post facto Research
(d) Related to abstract concept or idea - (iv) Empirical Research

Answer: (C)

52. Match the following:
(a) Zator system - (i) J.R. Sharp
(b) Preserved conttext indexing system - (ii) Cordonnier
(c) Selecto system - (iii) Calvin Mooer
(d) SLIC Indexing - (iv) Derek Austin

Answer: (C)
Notes: Zator System (Calvin Mooer); Preserved conttext indexing system (Derek Austin); Selecto Systems (G. Cordonnier); SLIC Indexing (J. R. Sharp).

53. Match the following:
(a) Alta Rama - (i) Mobile library website
(b) PocketCirc - (ii) SMS Reference Service
(c) Arch mobile portal - (iii) Mobile collection
(d) OverDrive - (iv) Mobile library circulation

Answer: (D)
Notes: Arch Mobile Portal is a NewYork University’s mobile library website that offers a search facility for university electronic resources collection by title, subject or format. OverDrive Inc. founded in 1986 in United States, is a digital distributor of eBooks, audiobooks, online magazines, and streaming video titles. The service is used by publishers and libraries.

54. Match the following:
(a) Clay Tablet - (i) Algeria/Babylonia
(b) Palm Leaves - (ii) Nineveh
(c) Paper - (iii) China
(d) Papyrus - (iv) India

Answer: [Question composition is wrong]
Notes: Clay Tablet - Nineveh; Palm Leaves - India; Paper - China; Papyrus - Algeria/Babylonia

55. Match the following:
(a) MLA Style Manual - (i) 1906
(b) Chicago Style - (ii) 1884
(c) APA Style - (iii) 2009
(d) IEEE Style - (iv) 1985

Answer: (A)

56. Match the following:
(a) American Library Association - (i) 1909
(b) The Canadian Library Association - (ii) 1876
(c) Special Library Association - (iii) 1932
(d) The Association of Research Libraries - (iv) 1946

Answer: (C)
Notes: American Library Association (1876); The Canadian Library Association (1946); Special Library Association (1909);The Association of Research Libraries (1932).

57. Match the following:
(a) Twitter - (i) E-Bibliographic Database
(b) Pi - (ii) A type of protocol
(c) X.25 - (iii) Micro blogging
(d) ISID - (iv) E-book

Answer: (C)
Notes: ISID (Institute for Studies in Industrial Development) has developed databases on various aspects of the Indian economy, particularly concerning industry and the corporate sector.

58. Match the following:
(a) Bus topology - (i) Nodes connected to hub
(b) Star topology - (ii) Each node is connected to every other
(c) Ring topology - (iii) Nodes connected to backbone
(d) Mesh topology - (iv) Each node connected to the next

Answer: (C)

59. Match the following:
(a) Information that contributes GNP - (i) Social information
(b) Information that changes human activity - (ii) Technological information
(c) Information that establishes interaction between Government and People - (iii) Economic information
(d) Information that forms a modern society - (iv) Political information

Answer: (C)

60. Match the following:
(a) Bradford's Law related to - (i) Y=C/Xn
(b) Lotka's Law related to - (ii) Word frequency
(c) Eugene Garfield - (iii) Citation Indexing
(d) Zipf's Law - (iv) Law of scattering

Answer: (A)

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