Karnataka SET (KSET) 2021 Solved Library & Information Science Questions with Explanations (11-20)


Karnataka SET (KSET) 2021 Solved Library & Information Science Questions with Explanations (11-20)

11. Webometrics involves the analysis of __.

Answer: (A) Web page content and web link structure

12. 'Kalasampada Digital Library' is associated with __.

Answer: (C) IGNCA
Notes: Kalāsampadā Digital Library- Resource for Indian Cultural Heritage (DL-RICH) project was developed by IGNCA and sponsored by the Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), Government of India.

13. Which among the following is free audio book site?

Answer: (C) Librivox
Notes: LibriVox is USA based free audiobook site established in 2005 by a group of worldwide volunteers who read and record public domain texts creating free public domain audiobooks for download from their website.

14. An Application Program Interface (API) language is used for __.

Answer: (B) Graphical User Interface
Notes: Graphical user interface (GUI) is a form of user interface that allows users to interact with electronic devices through graphical icons and audio indicator such as primary notation, instead of text-based user interfaces, typed command labels or text navigation.

15. Which is NOT an electronic theses and dissertations database?

Answer: (C) NBER

16. The web address that acts as permanent identifier is __.

Answer: (C) PURL
Notes: PURL (Persistent Uniform Resource Locator) is a location-based Uniform Resource Locator that is used to redirect to the location of the requested web resource.

17. Who maintains METS standard?

Answer: (A) Library of Congress
Notes: METS (Metadata Encoding & Transmission Standard) – Structure for encoding descriptive, administrative, and structural metadata developed by Library of Congress.

18. CiteUlike was created by __.

Answer: (B) Richard Cameron
Notes: CiteULike was a web service which allowed users to save and share citations to academic papers. It was developed by Richard Cameron and first launched in 2004.

19. Research Gate is a __.

Answer: (C) Academic Social networking site
Notes: Research Gate is a European commercial Academic Social Networking site for scientists and researchers, established in 2008 and headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

20. 'Template' is a __.

Answer: (C) Structured specification

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